Fabricut Window Treatments


On the off chance that you've at any point hoped to refresh the window medicines in your home or office, you realize that discovering quality, reasonable, appealing custom window medications can be a test. That is the reason we are so energized at Enjolé Interiors to impart to you our freshest presentation from Fabricut. You not just get wonderful structure from a built up name, you additionally get your modified drapery inside about fourteen days at a normal expense of $175 per window!


Quality and customized client assistance is at the front line of what the group at Fabricut does every day, reliably endeavoring to give home decorations, textures and embellishments with extraordinary plan at a value that addresses all spending limits. The Fabricut brand is known as one of the biggest, remarkably powerful wholesalers of value textures on the planet. The organization offers an assortment of textures conventional, present day, contemporary–and has been fruitful in providing them to fulfilled clients for a long time. The conceivable outcomes are inestimable.

We can't talk all the more profoundly of our involvement in Fabricut as a brand and originator. It's their objective to make unique textures as well as make a client experience that is unequaled in the business.

Accessible DESIGNS 


We love the speed of conveyance! These 2 "Snappy Ship Panel" structures transport in only 5 to 10 days: Three-Finger Pinch Pleat or Grommet. Either can be acquired in 3 unique lengths–84, 96 or 108 inches. What's more, the two structures are accessible in 2 examples with your decision of 1 of 16 unique hues. To get the best out of your look, have these boards introduced to flank the windows. 

Fabricut Window Treatments

We would be glad to introduce the medications for you, however another magnificence of Fabricut's plans You can decide to introduce the item yourself or have one of our experts do it for all of you have to purchase is the equipment for establishment. To finish your window medications, get some information about our line of screens or shades to go underneath! Stop in or call us today to talk about your window medications!

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