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Facts About Africa: A Cultural Insight

Do you know everything about Africa, the second largest continent of the world? Do you want to have a cultural insight into this amazing land of pyramids and sphinx? Is your knowledge on facts about Africa is incomplete and you have a thirst for more? If yes, then go on reading. Let's try to find more about this adventurous and incredible land.

Facts About Africa: A Cultural Insight

Stretched over an area of 30,330,000 sq km, Africa covers more than 20% of the total land of the world. It is the ancient civilization of the world. Its largest country is Sudan, located in north-eastern part. The smallest one is Seychelles that covers an area of about 450 sq km. The highest mountain is Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the lowest point is Asal Lake in Djibouti. The longest river of the world, Nile, flows through Africa, covering a distance of 6650 km. Lake Malawi is famous for the largest number of species of fish found in its water. World's oldest desert Namib is the only desert that is a home to many wild animals including elephants, lions and rhinoceros. The youth literacy rates are highest in Gabon (97%) and lowest in Burkina Faso (39.3%). The other facts about Africa are also interesting. The most populated country of Africa is Nigeria with 120-140 million people. The Seychelles is the least populated with not more than 85,000 inhabitants. The most attractive tourist destination, Egypt is famous for its pyramids, although the number of pyramids is more in Sudan. The diving is cheapest at Lake Malawi.

Now let's have a look at the popular tribes in Africa. There are more than 7000 tribes in this continent; each tribal population has its own rituals, customs and culture. Some of them still live nomadic life and their cultures are deeply rooted into the ancient civilizations. The largest ethnic group is Zulu that is an inhabitant of South Africa. They decorate their bodies with accessories made from beads. This tribe had strong patriarchal systems that fought many wars with British. This tribe practices divinity. Amhara is an ethnic tribe of Ethiopia that is very influential. Most of the people are orthodox Christians that adhere to the age old traditions of fasting and baptizing. Ashanti is one of the famous tribes in Africa that live at Akans in Ghana.

Pyramid of Cheops or the Great Pyramid of Giza, as it is commonly called, is the only wonder of the ancient world that has survived today. Built around third century B.C, the structure was built with over two million blocks of stone. It is a tomb of the pharaoh Khufu who was a powerful ruler of Egypt. Most of the external marble of which Pyramid was made up of has eroded with tomb. The base of the structure is 750 feet. The structure is made up of three chambers. An entrance gate that lies at a height of about 17 meters from the ground leads to a passageway. Going further inside, there is a lower chamber. The "Queen's Chamber" that lies at the end of an ascending pathway has pointed roof. The "King's Chamber" lies further north of a Grand Gallery. It is the burial place of Khufu who was considered divine as he was believed to be a link between God and man. The Pyramid of Cheops is a famous tourist attraction that has remained a favorite among the visitors due to its colossal structure and antiquity.